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Buying Boat Propellers


There are a couple of factors that are affecting your choice of boat propeller and these are the horsepower of engine and the propeller's size. These factors are very important in ensuring the optimal performance of the boat as well as the engine's fuel efficiency rating. Of course, there are other important things to be considered for choosing a good propeller including the pitch, size, number of blades and material to which it is made. If you want to learn more information, you can check it Here!


The pitch and the diameter are important when choosing your propeller. The diameter is basically the circle made by rotating blade while the pitch is the distance in which the boat is pushed forward at every rotation of the blade. The pitch must allow the boat to attain maximum momentum. An effective guide for best pitch and diameter are specifications provided by manufacturer of the boat's engine. If for instance that there's no specifications, then dealers of the boat motors can provide the diameter pitch specs to know what is the ideal size of propeller for the engine.


Another important factor to be taken into choosing propeller for sale is the number of blades. Oftentimes, propellers come in 3 and 4 blades. 4-blades are a lot faster which allows for quick acceleration, higher transom height, better holding power and less slippage. 3-blades propeller on the other hand may be changed to 4-blade by reducing the inch of pitch.


Cupping of blade is also an important factor to be taken into consideration. Cupping is curve at edge of blade. The more cupping the blade has, the better the grip of the propeller will get on water. The blade's thickness is something that should not be disregarded. The blades must be thin in an effort to reduce drug. However, there ought to be adequate thickness for added strength. If you want to learn, check this video:


The way in which the boat is used will affect your choice of propeller. No propeller can fit to all sorts of usage. The propeller has to suit the boat's purpose. Speed boats, fishing boats, tow boats and slow boats are all requiring different propeller types. It is necessary to keep the prop's purpose when buying one. If ever the use of boat is to change, then the propeller needs to be replaced that are suited to its new purpose.


The boat's propeller must be made of non-corrosive and durable material. In this case, aluminum propellers are perfect for freshwater lakes and may corrode in high seas. Stainless steel on the other hand is also a great option for all bodies of water as it's corrosion resistant.